Participation Row

Now that we have 6 Dead and Company shows under our belts let me truly explain Participation Row to you guys.

Limited Edition VOTE pin

It’s a way to get people involved with national and local nonprofits while at a concert. What makes Participation Row so successful is that we give people the incentive to visit and take an action at each of the tables. We are giving away limited edition ‘VOTE’ pins and you are entered to win a signed D’Angelico lightning bolt guitar.

Signed FREE Lightning Bolt guitar

You must take an action at three non profits to get your pin and be entered into the raffle.

An action could be many different things; joining a mailing list, playing trivia games, signing a petition, or donating etc. I could continue to list things but I’d rather tell you the other parts of PRow.

Another truly amazing part of PRow is the charity auction. D’Angelico, a boutique guitar shop in NYC, has donated 15 custom guitars to HeadCount. There is one lighting bolt guitar that is signed by the entire touring band that is the raffle guitar. (See above)

They created a summer tour specific guitar that is traveling with us all the way till the last show in California.

The front of the signed Summer Tour guitar & the free raffle guitar
The back of the signed Summer Tour guitar

Along with this guitar they have created four venue specific guitars that will be auctioned at second night of each of the two night shows. These shows are Citi Field, Fenway, Alpine Valley, and Folsom. Citi Field is today Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th. This is our first two night show and I could not be more excited because I’ll be back in NY near my home on Long Island.

The other guitars are lightning bolt guitars that we have gotten signed by Bob Weir, who is on HeadCount’s board of directors. These are all owned by HeadCount and will be available for donation.

ALSSOOOO (I know it’s a lot) we are auctioning signed by the band posters every night.

SOOOO after you take three actions you hand in your stamp card, which is also your raffle ticket, to Clean Energy Advisors. This is the booth I mainly work at when I’m not running around frantically.

CEA (Clean Energy Advisors) is a pioneer in their industry, investment in solar energy. Not to mention just ran by really cool people. They manage and develop large solar farms and investors make profit off of those farms. They sell this renewable energy back to the power companies giving them the sustainable eco friendly power people want.

I know this was probably overwhelming, but hey guys I hope to see all of you friends soon!!!

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