6 Points to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Follow me through two quite possible real life situations

Scenario 1:

Someone comes to you out of the blue and offers you a job at their company. And let’s also say that you like what you currently do, but their proposal sounds quite appealing, either because it’s more interesting or better paid than your current job.

Scenario 2:

Someone you know starts a new company and asks for your help. And let’s assume that you like what you currently do, but their proposal sounds quite appealing, either because it has a great potential or you get the chance to make the change in the world that you’ve always dreamed of.

In both scenarios one thing is certain: you will get a headache. It’s never a simple decision to leave a satisfying, job but sometimes the outcome is so promising that you are almost ready to take the step.

So, how do you organize your thoughts to conclude to what’s the right thing to do? Start by answering the following questions, one by one.

1. Is it exciting? Does it lie in my personal interests?

2. Can I do it?

3. Do I want to do it?

4. Do I trust the person who asked me to do it? Do I trust the company?

5. Am I satisfied with the return (money/ status/ eternal glory) ?

6. Will I be expecting something to change (bonus promises/ temporary chores that I will end up doing/ a big investment to come, etc) ? If so, do I have a time frame that I have to keep?

Considering your answers to those questions will take you to a rational decision. Apparently, some people insist to add one more point which is:

7. Will my wife/husband divorce me if I do it?

In my opinion this falls into another category of questions, highly emotional and less rational. But, I am not married, so I’ll go with the majority and let it be here as well.

If you have one or two “No”s to points 1–5, you shouldn’t do it.
If you have more than two “No”s, you already spent too much time on it, move on, never look back.

If you end up with a “No” conclusion and you feel unhappy with it, try to see if you can change an answer by for example learning a new skill or asking for a better paycheck. Then refer to the previous paragraph.

If you end up with a “Yes” and you can’t wait to start, congratulations! You are ready to move to the next part of your life.

Enjoy the trip!