Changing times.

Originally published on on October 13, 2017.

We spent (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend in Vancouver, enjoying the wonderful company of family and friends, and an over-abundant amount of delicious food.

Instead of rushing home after a quick visit, we decided to stay on the west coast for a few more days — we returned home only late last night — to soak in the ocean and the mountains and appreciate the change of scenery for just a little while longer.

My in-laws’ breakfast table became my office, the chirping budgie Figgy became my co-worker, and the kitchen espresso machine served as my coffee stop. I woke up at 5am and began work half an hour later to make sure I was starting the day with the rest of my colleagues in Ontario, a three-hour time difference away.

The time-shifting of the work day has its ups and downs: being in front of the computer at 5:30am may be unpleasant, but having afternoons free for exploration is delightful. While out west, my afternoons were filled with visits to the Museum of Anthropologyand the Vancouver Art Gallery, and strolls in the Capilano Canyonand by the Shipyards.

I’m back to a normal schedule now, back to the Eastern time zone, back to afternoons of meetings and writing and editing. I love my work so I’m happy to do it, but I am already planning my next trip out west in a few months, excited for the time-shifting and afternoons of exploration.