Beams In Vastu — Vasturaviraj

Beams and columns have a vital role in the construction of a Vastu. The size of the beams or columns is determined by the area and size of the Vastu. The beams are usually broader and thicker than the walls. Hence they protrude outside the walls or slabs and such a protrusion in an otherwise flat surface, creates obstacles in the way of simple harmonic motion of energy waves. The protruding portion of the beam gives raise to unnatural flow of energy which is not conducive to the people in the vicinity.

One should not sleep under the beam as it is harmful for health.One should avoid sitting below the beam as the negative energy released by the beam affects the efficiency and leads to unsatisfactory work performance.

While furnishing the house, the beams can be covered in a false ceiling and an appearance of a flat surface can be created. This removes the vastu defects and the consequent adverse effects.If such beams are well decorated then they further help in reducing the flow of bad energy.