Scientific analysis reveals that white light is a mixture of seven colours and all these colours are useful for human life. According to Vastushastra the influence of various colours in the eight directions is as follows:

East White
 Northeast White, Green
 North Parrot Green, Yellowish White
 Northwest White, Black, Blue, Grey
 West Red
 Southwest Smoky Red
 South Red
 Southeast Mixture of Yellow, Red or Orange
 Center Region Yellow

Accordingly, the colours for the various rooms and directions in a house can be planned. The use of different colours in different directions may give an odd appearance. But by ensuring the symbolic presence of the respective colours in the prescribed directions, positive results can be obtained. The effective functioning of the Seven Yogic Chakras and the productivity of an individual is also influenced by the respective colours. When we make a comprehensive study of the seven colours in the sunlight, the seven charkas in a human body and their mutual relationship, it will transpire that the colours have a tremendous influence on human life.