Kitchen as per Vastushastra

While designing a house as per Vastushastra, the kitchen should be invariably located in South East (Aagneya). The morning Sun rays contribute to health and hygiene of the kitchen. These rays are also conducive to the mental and physical health of the female members. Consequently, the atmosphere in the kitchen is pleasant and blissful.

The Kitchen platform should be a little away from the East wall but alongside the South wall. The gas burners should be located in such a way that the person faces East while cooking.The wash basin on the kitchen platform should be towards East. The refrigerator and the other appliance like oven, mixer, hot plates, heating coils or other gadgets relating to fire(Electric) should be in South East to South region of the same room. The windows in the kitchen should be in the East of South East or North East and sunlight should enter the kitchen. An exhaust fan should also be in this direction.Dinning table inside the kitchen should be in the North West region so that the people dinning will face East or North.