Shape of the Plots — Vastushastra

When we intend to purchase a plot and conduct a search, we encounter plots with a variety of shapes. A look at a map of the world will reveal that there are as many shapes as there are nations and there is no similarity in them.

  • According to Vastushastra the plot should be square or rectangular. The pulse vibrations in such a Vastuare harmonic and even. This leads to good atmosphere, purity , happiness and prosperity.
  • Hexagonal plots are also conducive to progress and prosperity.
  • A round plot is beneficial for educational or commercial enterprise, but the Vastuin such a plot should be square or rectangular.
  • Octagonal plot is very good for all round prosperity.
  • Pyramidal or tortoise shape, high in the center and slopes all round is a rare type of plot and is very good. The elevated centerportion acts like a pyramid and absorbs the universal energy. Hence it confers beneficial results.
  • Bhadrasan shape plot, is in the shape of a ‘SHREE YANTRA’ and emanates strong energy waves. Such a plot confers prosperity, academic progress and good health. The benefits derived from such a plot is rare, abundant and beyond description.
  • Oval shaped plot is bad for healthand finance.
  • A plot in the shape of half moon(crescent) will lead to thefts, and financial loss.
  • Drum shaped plot leads to eye problems and bad health.
  • Plot with non similar sides brings grief, unrest and financial loss.