Girl who’s scared to walk alone on streets!

I live in a bubble, home and office is where I spend most of my time and on weekends my husband is with me or I am escorted by him to any destination I want to reach. I am the most safest person, isn’t it? I sit in front of computer whole day and fiddle with my phone and advocate and defend how I feel safe. I know it’s the most foolish thing to say without having experienced it. It’s tricky, this so called word safe, for me it came with strings attached. I never realized I felt safe because I had a guy always beside me, besides blaming the society who think it’s their right to ogle and stare at girl who is alone, unknowingly I dint care about all the people on the streets staring at me, hell I dint know if they were even looking at me, so obviously it’s got to do the way I think too. So one fine morning, when my husband is all asleep, I decide to get up and go for a walk, the park where I need to go is good 10 minutes’ walk from my place, and there I take a walk on the road without any hesitation, just like any other day only difference was my husband wasn’t there nor was I accompanied by any guy. The first man I saw on the road looked at me, I ignored but couldn’t stop thinking about it, so by this time I am only thinking about the stranger’s stare, I walk a little further only to encounter huge lorries parked in the side of the road and group of men mostly drivers sitting. I’ve never felt that unsafe before, all the eyes on me and I ignoring all of them like they dint even exist, but they did, and I couldn’t get them out of my mind, I walked in the park thinking about why it has to be like this and a whole lot of if’s and but’s, unfortunately reality is more cruel than what I have inside my head. That day, I wasn’t molested, raped nor did someone throw haste comments on me. But I dint feel safe, I was agitated that something’s going to happen to me, wish I had something to defend myself if someone does attack me. It’s not fair that I have to feel that way, but them nothing’s fair. How will I change my outlook with all the things happening around me and I’m scared that this is how I’m going to be for rest of my life, that day made me realize that how violating a women’s body could be mentally scarring. I got stared and couldn’t overcome it, and for someone to go through a physical assault just make their colorful world grey, there’s no happiness left anymore, I know time heals, but this I don’t think so. I hope I lose the inhibition, I really hope.