Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the reason why India celebrates Teacher’s day.

Empowering Teachers with Technology

My 6-year old’s music teacher is currently on a concert tour in the USA, but her regular classes continue via Skype. Meanwhile, my younger one is lapping up rhymes in three different languages on You-Tube. It is astounding to see a two-year-old getting hooked on to songs and grasping them with such ease and ecstasy!

The Digital wave that is sweeping the world over, has radically changed the way we conduct our day-to-day activities. The dynamics of teaching and learning were also impacted by this online crusade. Education Technology or EdTech is a sector that is growing by leaps and bounds, expecting to touch the $2 billion mark by 2021, way up from the current $247million figure. The recently introduced “Vidyavani” Program by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh in the Municipal Schools of the state, stands testimonial to how technology can be used to bring quality education to the grassroots.

With 51% Mobile internet penetration in Urban India, and 16 % and growing in rural India today, internet will soon be an affordable commodity for people across the country. At the same time, we have media and education companies churning out rich visual content that is not only captivating to young minds but is also a catalyst to the learning process. Apps, podcasts, websites, videos, interactive cds and many more learning aids are exploding like fresh popcorn- enticing and fulfilling! We see more and more students across all age groups hooked on to these online media aids to enhance their learning process.

This does not imply that technology will replace teachers in the near future. The human nature of interaction and feedback can never be completely substituted by technology. So this is an opportune time for educators to equip themselves with these media aids to facilitate the learning process of the new age kids. This could easily make up for the high student to teacher ratio and the scarcity of teaching materials especially in the rural areas.

This Teachers Day, we are starting on a mission to empower the class of people that inspire young minds to learn, dream and evolve, with technology and contribute to the art of teaching. Learning and teaching can now be boundless!

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Vidyapp team wishes you a Happy Teacher’s day.

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