There are certain perspectives that limit our understanding of Indian society.(what

Perspective is the way of looking at indian society.When britisher came to India for business purpose.They wanted to learn indian society.
At that time most of Indian population was living in villages.
Colonial perspective-they thought that colonial period brought civilization and modernity in India.Before them India was backward region.
They said that nationalist movement was started by a group of upper caste people for their own interest not for the people of India.
Toward villages The Britishers thought that they are not developed and not interconnected but stagnent for centuries.
So the colonial perspective doesn’t give the basic knowledge about villages.
Subaltern perspective is the way to look at Indian society from lower level/caste.There were many nationalist movements for the freedom of India.
But these movement were not become famous due to less political power and started by lower caste people.So these movements were supressed in
history.Also the exploitation of lower caster people by upper caste people.

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