mens tailored suitsThe world’s most expensive suits for which every man go crazy.

The best outfit which every man wants to wear in their special occasion is the perfect suit which makes him perfect. Wearing a suit is not a big deal; one should know what kind of suit is to wear in the particular occasion. The dress suits for men below is the most expensive tailor made costume which is made by the rarest fabrics and by the world’s most renowned designers.

· The Dormeuil vanquish 11

· The William westmancott ultimate bespoke

· The Kiton K-50

· The Brioni vanquish 11


The family business of dormeuil was established in 1842, over 170 years ago. The fabric of vanquish 11 is the Jules dormeuil, brain child of patriarch, mixing the French and British cloth to design the best and the ultimate luxury suits. The price of this suit is $95,319. The services of his company were offered to celebrities, presidents and kings for years. This expensive suit consists of 6 rarest fabrics of the world like fifteen point eight, kirgzy white, dorsilk, ambassador and royal qivuik.


William westmancott is the savile neighbour of demand merrion. The suit of westmancott is not a 2-piece but a 3 or 4 pieces. The experts at westmancott take 200 hours to design and tailor this expensive, ultra-light men’s designer suit. The price of this suit is $75,000 and this suit was designed to target the high profile Russian moguls and Middle East. The successful marketing ploy of westmancott is that he throws the 5 bespoke shirts for any buyers for free. Still the worth mentioning about westmancott is that he is just 28 years old.


Since 1968, Kiton has been in business and today, they are the top designer brand of Italy for men’s suit styles. They take in orders per year around 22,000 suits as they’ve employed 330 tailors. To stitch each suit, it takes 25 hours with 45 tailors to work on it. This suit is made up of merino sheep wool and its price is $60,000. The k-50 suit was designed by enzo d’orsi, who is a famous tailor of the world. The name of this suit has a double meaning as he makes just 50 suits per year and to complete each suit, it takes 50 hours.


The price of the suit of Brioni vanquish 11 is $43,000. This suit are made from the luxurious fabric of vanquish 11,a cloth which is produced by dormeuil. Vanquish 11 uses the rarest fabric includes vicuna, pashmina and qivuik. The stitching of suit is made up of white gold and they make 100 hand-made suits per year.