Why I love Dropbox Paper?

At the beginning of last November I got a message from Dropbox. They announced a new tool called Paper. “Hah, smart turn. Company probably just developed their own version of Office Online / Google Docs / etc” — was my initial thought . But ok, I still exiting to try it. So I signed in beta list and after two weeks got an invite to dive into new tool.

After creating a few docs I realize that Paper is not Google Docs. I feel it more like Evernote for creating project management documentation. But with totally new approach, which I love so much that decided to write this article. And here are why:

1. Longread Experience.

During the recent years I used Evernote to create and hold almost every type of docs. Notes, diary, travel plans, communication with clients, self-projects documentation. And the app did the job. However, once you have a solid number of stacks with notebooks with notes — the navigation through those docs become a real mess.

In Dropbox Paper I’m able to keep entire documentation of my project (basetemplates.com) in only one page. Well, you can do this in Evernote / Google Docs / etc too. But that’s so awkwardly with their old-school approach! With Paper you can quickly create smooth navigation in two ways:

  • automatically, by just highlighting Section Titles and SubTitles
  • manually, by just bookmarking (generating special url) Section Titles and SubTitles

2. Writing Experience.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Though many of companies constantly trying to implement this approach, I believe the Dropbox is one of the few ones that successfully did it. Look how do you start each new doc.

The position of title as well as simple text. The clean, center-aligned font in dark grey color on white background. And space! Very well aligned, automatic spacing between text lines. That’s really a joy to type text. Its like you brining Medium or iWriter / other writers apps experience for creating any type of documents.

3. The Essentials.

Dropbox is definitely not unique here by adding such features as creating checklist, lists, tables, inserting pictures and other types of files. Same with Comments feature. But all those components integrated well and works great together. They fully satisfy my needs when creating such types of docs like: project documentation, article or even travel plan.

In a nutshell, it is not an easy task to write a review about Dropbox Paper. You can’t really call any of the features described above “an innovative” one. But the company was able to smoothly integrate them all in a truly Zen editor with easy navigation, which is so important for content heavy and diverse docs. And that is why I love Paper.