A New Yorker walks into a San Francisco start up…
Jennifer Daniel

Hi Jennifer. In another post you wrote, “what matters is who you work with. So, fight against the urge to stay inside your comfortable nest of back-patting pals and skill sets.” If more people refused to work with scheming self-serving fucks and sought out others who at least apply the Hypocratic Oath, we have a chance at saving the world from itself. I’m guessing that’s what you mean by coming “to peace with precisely the trade I have made — and how I compensate for that debt, and how I am on the planet, in my own way, with the people I care about.”

Do you know of a community, online or in New York, for “social profit” oriented organizations, where we can share information, learn from each other, collaborate, recruit and inspire more people to make the switch?

I’m working on a project (tentatively named GiveHub) to get more social good and nonprofit projects onto GitHub and to enable and encourage coders and designers to contribute to them. Would that interest you, assuming you have any time to spare between your twins and your day job?

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