Exploring Rome: Top 3 Things to Do

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Apr 1 · 3 min read

Rome is incredible: festooned with awe-inspiring ruins, ornate churches, decadent piazzas and thought-provoking museums, Rome is everything that dreams are made up of! We, at Vatican Tours, make sure you have a fabulous time exploring the Eternal City and soak in the magnificence it offers. Take a look below and narrow down the activities you need to take part in — deviating from the well-trod path of the commons.


Besides jaw-dropping scenery, fascinating culture and imposing ruins, Italy is famous for its rich gastronomical delights. Italian cuisine is dolce vita on the plate. Diverse and delicious, food in Italy is provincial in character and prepared with a bunch of seasonal produce. They taste simple but sumptuous. They are mostly deep-rooted in culture and tradition — thus are appreciated for their veritable origins.

A trip to Rome is never complete without savoring authentic Italian dishes cooked to the nine. Some of the most popular dishes you need to try when in Rome are as follows:

· Allesso di Bollito

· Cacio e Pepe

· Artichokes

· Suppli

· Gelato


Next, to food and wine, Italy is synonymous with art and architecture. You will find myriad ancient museums hoarding timeless pieces of art. Some of the artworks are masterpieces contributed by renowned Italian maestros, such as Bernini, Michelangelo, Raphael and the likes. Book Vatican and Sistine Chapel tours: our expert guides will help you take in such artistic grandeur at your own pace.

Additionally, the country hosts innumerable interesting exhibitions, live theatrical performances and musical events. Don’t forget to check out Palazzo degli Esami, located in Trastevere district in Rome. In the past, it had organized Van Gogh Live. It was a life-changing experience.


Rome’s quaint alleyways are lined with artisanal shops, gleaming boutiques, high-end emporiums and standard department stores. Together, they provide adequate shopping opportunities. If you want to buy fresh produce, head to the Campo de’ Fiori; whereas, if leather shopping is in your mind, La Sella is the place to be.

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