The Perfect Vatican City Tour in One Day

Vatican City, the smallest sovereign state in the world, lies in the heart of the beautiful city Rome. Being a city of great religious significance, Vatican has forever been a magnet for pious souls. However, there’s much more to it. Vatican is a place where art and culture have been thriving for centuries. It is amazing how the old world charm is kept intact despite adapting to all modern needs. This iconic city is always brimming with tourists and welcomes millions from diverse regions every year. The rich cultural heritage and art masterpieces leave visitors spellbound!

To make your Vatican Tour a truly memorable experience, here’s a brief overview of the three most magnificent places to visit.

Vatican Museum:

The Vatican Museum protects a lavish collection of art. Inside its many halls and galleries teeming with gorgeous artifacts, the omnipresence of exquisite art will fill you up with awe.

Then again, don’t let the enormity of this place deter you from taking a Vatican museum tour. Although it’s impossible to cover the entire museum, but if you plan right you’ll be able to cover the key highlights. Here are a few of them:

· Gallery of Maps: Most of the wall paintings here are modeled on drawings by Ignazio Danti, a renowned geographer of the 16th century. Starting from the decorative ceiling to the geographical frescoes covering the walls, a walk through this room feels pretty visually stunning.

· The Octagonal Courtyard: Situated in Museo Pio-Clemetino is a wonderful open area called Octagonal courtyard. It houses several famous sculptures and each of them has an ancient story associated with them. For example, the figure of Laocoön which dates back to 40 BC portrays Laocoön and his sons being killed by sea serpents during Trojan War. This event triggered the founding of Rome.

· Sala Rotonda: A circular hall also located in Museo Pio-Clemetino, Sala Rotondo is a mesmerizing sight from top to bottom. The colorful mosaics covering the floor were originally set in an Italian town back in 3rd century. (It is incredible how they have survived through so many centuries!)

Sistine Chapel:

One of the grandest attractions in Rome is the Sistine Chapel Tour. The Sistine Chapel was erected back in 15th century and lies within the Vatican Museum. The walk till there might feel slightly long and tiring, but what awaits you is sheer brilliance!

Among the myriad frescoes adorning the ceiling are paintings that illustrate the Creation, the legend of Adam and Eve, and the tale of Noah. This place is also home to the acclaimed ‘The Last Judgement’ by Michelangelo.

St. Peter’s Basilica

One of the must-sees in Vatican is the world’s most renowned church- St. Peter’s Basilica. So, once you’re done with the museum and chapel, you’re bound to come here. This massive religious centre with its 119 m tall dome captivates all with its breathtaking grandeur. The intricately sculpted dome of Basilica is perhaps Michelangelo’s best artistic creation.

Some helpful tips to follow:

· One must conform to the dress code for Vatican wherein shoulders and knees need to be covered.

· We recommend wearing comfortable shoes as the tour includes long walking stretches.

· Plan ahead and choose an experienced guide for an enjoyable and authentic experience.