Flesh, Blood and Bone

Crafting humanity

*Child sets example for fading humanity*

A child is born
Not knowing about caste, creed or religion,
With nothing but pure thoughts and curiosity.
An innocent smile, a fearful cry,
Her senses come to life.

Growing up with questions in her mind,
She seeks the answers one by one.
Of simple thoughts, and ordinary doubts,
Slowly fathoming the puzzle of life.

“Why is everyone afraid of others?”
“Why are they absorbed by themselves?”
“What does the word ‘hate’ mean?”
“Why does no one care?”
Simple questions, with complicated answers,
Coming from people who seek these answers themselves.
She steps out of the shell,
And into the wild,
To decipher life herself.

It takes a lot of searching
For her to realize,
That the answers are not as important as her own decisions;
Decisions that make or break someone else’s life.
She decides to walk the road less taken,
To make a difference in this world.

She helps lost souls
Find peace and harmony,
She helps them find a way.
She wipes the tears
Of broken hearts,
Puts a smile on their face.

Never the one to follow suit,
She ignores the paths taken by the others.
Forming her own world and indulging herself,
She finds the happiness that she seeks everyday.
To see people relieved because of her,
Is a reason for her to live.

While grown-ups become like children who fight
For petty reasons and motives,
She grows into an adult,
Not just in flesh and bone,
But in every aspect of humanity;
She’s what we call a human.