Reclaim Your Life

It’s you.

It is said “You’re the only one responsible
Of which direction your life takes.”
What makes you think otherwise?

Every difficulty that you think you can’t solve
Is only an obstacle created by your mind,
A stream of water that you can easily cross,
And not a river with a strong current.

Every tragedy that you will ever face
Will be nothing but a blessing in disguise,
One that makes you stronger than you ever were.

Every small decision you make
Is a tiny dot of paint
On the canvas of your future.

All the people and things around you,
Are a part of your life.
Parts that you have collected and built.
There is no one that can control your life.

Every now and then
We must remember 
To analyse
Every small part of the system,
To keep it running with nothing but joy.
Every now and then 
You must remember
It’s only up to you
To Reclaim Your Life.