Memento Mori

The man with a reflection
That told a different story,
The pain that was hidden inside.
A solid exterior, one of stone,
With a soul of the purest form.

A heart of gold,
Madly in love,
No sacrifice too big.
He stood up alone,
Against the darkest of evils,
Risking everything he had,
Without a second thought.

Sinning, against his own will,
To protect him,
He who was a part of the one he loved.
Silently bearing the burden for years,
Until the day came at last,
For the final sacrifice.

His tears told a story,
One of courage and will.
One that few could fathom,
A fascinating tale.

When all was said and done,
He quietly passed on,
Relieving him of that pain,
That he had held on to for years.
But his memories live on.
Few know of his story,
But it doesn’t matter,
The one who mattered to him is safe. 
He will be remembered,
He will be cherished,

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