What’s left of those sounds

It was a long time ago,
When he entered my life.
We were inseparable,
And stayed that way for hours and hours together.
Slowly we built the bond we had,
As if creating a masterpiece.
He was a virtuoso.
It was as if it wasn’t him
But his heart that played those tunes.
The tunes that echoed
Between us,
But touched hearts everywhere.

Everything was perfect
But I knew
That it had to change.
His life took a turn,
And so did mine,
I knew, from here, it was a waiting game.

I lean against the wall
Silently, in the corner of the room.
I see him enter sometimes. 
But I keep to myself
And wait for him to reach out.
I know that things are different now,
But I know he remembers
The days when we were young
And the music played.
So I wait and wait,
Leaning silently against the wall,
For those days to return,
When he’ll reach out to me,
And break this endless fall.