Gamers and their World.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when the word “Game” is put in front of you? Childish, time-waste, vision loss, and other negative stuff like these but, what if i say, games are the best time waste as compared to Snapchat, Facebook or even Instagram.

You don’t get to decide what a 13 to 25 years old do with their time. Some like to Snapchat with their buddies, checking activities of their recent posts on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, glaring into their feeds in the Instagram and there are some who like to explore the virtual world, they are known as “Gamers”, all they need is a gaming rig and there you go.

I am not saying that the gamers don’t get social but, they communicate in a different way than other people do. They do wiki-talks every time. Anything what gamers find interesting and fun they share it with the fellow community members using wikia of their respective game they’re playing. Let’s take the MMORPG[Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing-Game] World of Warcraft. Gamers all the globe have created a massive content about “World of Warcraft” onto the wikia which is almost one-tenth of the Wikipedia. They share whatever they learn new and help other who are stuck on a quest or a level to achieve their goals.

Well being social is one thing but, what do you do when you’re parents are against it? Well once I was googling stuffs about games, in there in one of the random google images I found this.

Can you believe this? I mean “WOW”!

What if when the timer runs out and i was on the verge of victory or an Epic Win?

I don’t know whether in this case, the parents are against video games? Well it wouldn’t have worked out for me. I like to play games with freedom, play until I have achieved so called an “Epic Win”. I don’t like stuffs that have too many commas(,) in it. Most of us don’t, we try to complete our missions in just one run. My parents let me play video games whenever i wanted to and in return i didn’t disappointed them in what they wanted from me, it is a mutual relationship with my family and games.

Well I know the fact that you only become successful if you continue doing what you feel like doing the rest of your days, its kinda practice for us. Well if someone loves playing Call of Duty or Starcraft, and if he continues to do so everyday he may give you the heaviest tournament trophy there is, well heavy for them who use to speak against him/her through out their childhood. But, at least let them have their shots because it’s worth it in the end, that’s for sure.

There are those players in the world who are way better than me and i know i can’t win against them, they are just miraculous, players with unbelievable skills and i have no intention to take them head on, haha. Then what do people like us do in this case?

#Became a Game Developer

When one door closes, another opens.

You guys have played so many video games over the past, from you’re childhood to your present.

There is so much potential developed in you’re brain, you have reached a height from where, once you release your imagination you’ll be astonished by your own world, that you’ll create.

As a game developer, you can play any game that you want there is no stopping you. Your job is changed a little. From crafting weapons in the game before, now it’s time to design them. That does sound interesting. Isn’t it? You’ll have your own rules, your own world. People around the world will play “your game” and you have to make sure you don’t disappoint them. Well that would be ultimate fun with a little responsibilities.You can’t stop the hustle in gamers, and that contract, it has the highest probability in failing. But why are games are so much fun?

Let’s see 5 interesting facts about games that gamers love.

#1 Rules of the Game

When we talk about playing video games we actually mean, potentially abandoning our own moral and ethics in favor of someone else’s rule.

The fact that you’re not using the cheat system or trainers to surpass difficult bosses and skip levels, because when you’re doing this we mean you’re not “playing the game” but actually you’re “gaming the system”. People around the globe who find a game difficult often do this. Gamers are those people with patience and the learning habits from mistakes takes them to completing objectives and missions as they are meant to be completed to get the full experience of the game. They know how an “Epic Win” tastes like.

#2 An escape from the real world

The real world is full of problems like, “Crap! I got an F in my Mathematics exam. What am i gonna do?”, “Nobody is here to play football today with me.” and games are an alternative to escape this boring and monotonous lives. It’s easy to put on the headphones and play a good action-adventure game cause it sucks you into the game world and makes you forget about everything.

When you’re playing a video game you are tackling the problems of that protagonist you’re playing as and you feel relived as you overcome them because it is made to match you’re level it’s not made so difficult that until you reach your 30’s you can’t complete the mission. But this isn’t true in real world, the problems there are too simple or way to tough, and it ends up being frustrating.

In games you focus on other people’s problems and it’s a lot easier to ignore your own for a while.

#3 A sense of Accomplishment

We love doing hard work because it turns out almost nothing makes us happier than good, hard work. In the real world we don’t choose hard work for ourselves, it’s usually not the right work, at the right time, for the right person. It’s not perfectly customized for our strengths, we’re not in control of the workflow, we don’t have a clear picture of what we’re contributing to, and we never see how it pays off in the end. Hard work that someone else requires us to do just doesn’t activate our happiness system in the same way as game does. It all too doesn’t absorb us, doesn’t make us optimistic, and doesn’t invigorate us.

Games in the other hand are fulfilling our needs for better hard work and helping us choose for ourselves the right work at the right time. All good gameplay is hard work. And when we do hard work we care about, we are priming our minds for happiness we get a sense of accomplishment in the end.

In this video game, after completing few quests i got an upgrade to transform my character into different forms which made the game more fun as my hero’s ability increased significantly, i got new power ups and new attack modes which made the game super-awesome and much indulging.

Unlocking the Final Transformation in a video game

After completing certain quests in a game the character/player unlocks a transformation to become more stronger.

We don’t see life awarding us with different powers, gifts or awards as we do a difficult tasks as per our level which makes life really boring and wanting more to go in the world of games, which treats us with far greater respect when we overcome havoc challenges to save the village of giants.

#4 Games fill the void in your life

One of my encounter to Sunday morning was like, “What should i do today? I feel so empty right know. Wait a sec. 2B got separated from 9S last time i played NieR : Automata. Damn! She must be feeling lonely without him, let’s find out where 9S is. Way to go 2B!”. [2B and 9S are Androids in the game NieR : Automata.]

Games are always there in your good times, bad times. You can never be lonely because whenever you feel like to be with someone, you will always find a place where you can return to, where you are accepted for what you are.

#5 Social Connectivity by wikia - there is no stopping you!

Whenever you’re stuck in any mission of a game there is always that person(AI) in the game which gives you hints what to do next but what if, we are no so smart to get that hint in first place? Don’t worry we have game wikia. As i mentioned before for World of Warcraft if you’re stuck you can go to the great wikia and awesome people around there are waiting to help and share the experience to the person in need well if you don’t find someone to help you(possibly won’t happen) through that mission, you can browse all talks and posts waiting there just for you.

Compared with games, reality is disconnected. Games built stronger social bonds and lead to more active social network. The more time we spend interacting within our social network, the more likely we are to generate a subset of positive emotions known as “prosocial emotions”.

Live with an auspicious smile, that’s all you need, believe me.


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