August is coming!

August was here, and the clouds were near
As were the dark mornings and gloomy evenings.

But that did not make me sad,

For when the clouds were closer
Along came the breeze,
Putting my mind at ease,
And making my strolls cooler.

That did not make me too happy either,

As despite the depressive weather,
Even when i left early for work,
Amidst shoulders and faces I was stuck,
Wishing I could end this theatre.

With those troubling thoughts

And a growling stomach, I rushed to that place
Which sold my circles of joy.
But fate played a cruel ploy,
And greeted me with more faces and heads.

At this sight, my mind pondered,

When August is here
And the school term is near,

With their coloured shirts and happy faces,

They hang around, almost everywhere!
Clogging up the corridors
And extending the canteen queues,
In groups so impractically large.

I took my circles and walked away,

And found a spot far from the heads,
To try and gain a moment of silence
And hear the sound of my own thoughts,
Amidst the noise of a thousand heads.

Bam! Started the TV behind me,

And cheesy music followed next,
As older heads walked down the stairs
With weird hats and relieved smiles,
To an interesting future, away from the nest.

I looked again at the thousand heads,

With a renewed outlook on their life.
They might be young, happy and loud,
But they were untested, and interested,
With no idea of their future.

If only they stop shouting and hear me clear,

For when August is here, the sun doesn’t sear.
The old go out and the new come in,
To feel love, heart-break, camaraderie and education,
And have the best time of their lives here.

PS- That turned out longer than I expected :p