Unique Microsoft Teams Room Installs — don’t limit yourself — use your imagination a little to expand your collaboration opportunities

Jimmy Vaughan
Oct 31, 2019 · 4 min read

So, you have heard the devices Microsoft Teams Rooms for conference rooms, huddle spaces, meeting rooms etc. But have you ever thought that there might be a space in your organization that might be more effective “if only” it was video enabled?

Giving speeches about conference rooms over the past few years have provided me the unique opportunity to see the way that multiple organizations think about their employee’s workflow and just the way that different organizations manage their space or common areas against what might be considered personal space.

As private office space shrinks, meetings are multiplying as employees are reserving conference rooms far in advance as a just in case, they need them. What happens if you don’t have an organized way to book those conference rooms? Some just post paper on the wall to show the schedule of these spaces in a desperate attempt to adhere to a schedule as an attempt to address conflicts that continue to arise.

Well what about equipping those spaces with a digital technology that helps not only deliver a video enabled solution, but also addressed your scheduling situation for that room? MTR systems pull their calendars from exchange so booking a conference room can never have duplicate meetings during a given time. If you schedule a meeting that overlaps another, your meeting request will be declined by the system automatically forcing you to find another space. And there are many ways to actually find an open room through Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Teams or other applications that show the schedule of the room resource.

Well, what if you don’t think about that common space as a room? What if there was a space that many people use to sit in groups, but doesn’t yet have technology? What if they could use that as a collaboration area if they had the technology there to use it?

What do these spaces look like?

Well let’s look at a few of these that come to mind that I have seen recently and can share in pictures.

Small shared space MTR enabled

The first comes from a company that you can see how they embraced the digital transformation and used an MTR in a small area. In this space, the company didn’t have any wires coming to a table and you can see that they decided to wall mount the MTR touchscreen and have decided to pair this with a front of room touch panel with the soundbar on the wall. The content input is located as a wall plate, but they decided in the photo to just share through the Microsoft Teams meeting.

Mobile cart solution

In this installation, there is no permanent installation as the organization decided that they wanted to have something that could be moved to different spaces. In this installation, they mounted both single display MTR’s and dual display solutions on the same cart system and then the MTR control panel was just network connected through a jack in the table allowing the customer to decide which room they wanted as a solution, but it didn’t even need to be a room as they had plans to put this into common areas as well. This solution was engineered by the folks at AVI-Systems out of Minneapolis and was very effective for the end customer.

What is your most creative installation?

If you haven’t thought about it, I hope this has sparked some thoughts for you on where you might also be able to outfit these systems. As you walk through your organization and you see a display, think to yourself, would an MTR help that space be more effective? How about a private office for the C suite executive? List some of what you have done below and I am happy to promote and share appropriately any unique installations with the Microsoft Community.

Jimmy Vaughan

Written by

With over 20 years of experience in AV and IT roles for a well diverse combination of employers, I have a specialty in devices and solutions for meeting spaces.

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