Here you go with Stripe Payment Gateway and PHP

PHP payment gate way

Why and how the Stripe Payment Gateway is combined with PHP. Take a look.

  • A payment gateway that is prevalent in web industry. It can be integrated into the web application by using the API.
  • Php development company observes that it saves time and reduces cost to the larger perspective.
  • It provides a security over the sensitivity of data. So now you have something strong that keeps a watch on your information.
  • Php developers should stay ensured that the server has at least PHP 5.3. Also see if the HTTPS is being activated along with the Stripe API library.
  • Clients upload the checkout page which is well secured and puts the data.
  • The Stripe server gets a AJAX request as soon as the client clicks the buy or purchase button.
  • The token is sent back by the Stripe server.
  • The server accepts the form along with the token that was sent back.
  • Server considers the token and the client or customer has to pay accordingly.