Introduction to Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing

Now advertising has new name and a new path called location-based marketing. A wide range of online marketing services are served via Mobile devices. Location-based marketing is a new form of advertising which alert’s the user about the near-by business services through the smart phones via sms text messages. Wherever the location you move to, offer the day or the best business deal of the day are popped-up if the user share’s their location.

  • Engage users while travelling.
  • Push and pull are the two-location based services .
  • Push service has opt-out and opt-in features.
  • Pull service enables the user to directly search for near-by services using keywords.
  • User has to choose the opt-in process to receive the location- based notifications.
  • Reaches target audience.

Wherever they go…. push your service………Track your customer with Location- Based Marketing.