Love will bright upon humanity

This is the story of a kind of deep love that goes beyond borders and cultural obstacles. This kind of deep love based on a well-known principle that is impossible to realize but has been written hundreds of times: the principle is called reciprocal respect, or better it is called devotion.

Let me explain it.

Devotion is an attitude driven by a feeling of affection, which translates to “give himself in a totally disinterested”.

Probably, respect is a logical consequence of devotion. Respect is the son of this.

Devotee is one who gives himself without wanting anything in return, and that worships from afar with infinite courage, his muse.

Devotee is one who has confidence and inner security, not asking questions because he knows listen and above all do not withdraw from its true being.

Exactly matches the essence. Despite this, banality wants that the society that we have built ourselves lead us to such a distraction and alienation that destroys any type of long-term devotion.

The constant change of our surroundings and the constant pressure we feel towards our communities destroys and shatters the natural, simple and profound self-giving to the loved / a.

Fear to belong to someone and to share prevails on true love.

What surrounds us is a fake love of humans who console themselves in perpetual despair of a final frustration and endless dissatisfaction.

The devotion, the pure, fades and dissolves.

A deep love, one of those based on the feeling of devotion has not terrain where to be nurture, or care for.

The principle on which this kind of love has been based is unachievable: we are not able, as human beings, to love so sincere and meanwhile to realize our selves.

We are not even able, in most cases knowledgeable listen to our vocation.

The reason ultimately lies in our nature as inconclusive, loving dreamers.

The reason finally, it does not matter.

What remains to two humans who love each other so ‘is the ability to choose between one option: acceptance.

Accept that devotion does not sit with the aspiration.

The aspiration has a road of its own staff, still unknown, but in itself independent.

Here, this is the story of a love, a genuine and profound love, one of those that you could write a book, recite a poem, write a song, dedicated actions. However, like all these loves we have read a thousand novels, they are intended to a silent murder with no one at the bottom to blame.