The Token Fund’s Analysis of ICO projects
Daniil Bykov

Hi Daniil, we really appreciate that your team spent the time to analyze what we at Vaultbank will be offering, however it seems that there is lots of information that likely wasn’t presented correctly or somehow didn’t make it to you. Vaultbank is being run by an incredibly talented, experienced and passionate team of asset managers based in California with a clear plan and everyone involved is in it for the long haul, and by filing as a security token and offering all investors a portion of the overall business and fund, the offering is much more transparent and community based than most.

It’s true our marketing hadn’t gotten rolling much by the time you analyzed our following and it was low, but we are working hard to grow it and get the word out, and thankfully things are moving along quickly on that front.

Also of the 240 million tokens, a little under 1/3 is for founders (as opposed to 1/2). And that dead link to the facebook page was due to a typo, which has been resolved (that’s embarrassing that you happened to click it the day it was down).

We would love to discuss this more with you offline and to explain the offering in additional detail so you can offer some more information to your readers if you are up for it. Also we would love to answer any and all questions you may have for us.

Thank you so much. Since we probably shouldn’t leave an email address here, and since I see your link to your facebook page, please message us on our Facebook page with your email address if you are interested to get in contact and one of our top team members will email you write away to get a discussion going.

Hopefully talk soon!

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