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Semi-formal is not a confusing dress code as it seems to be. It is mostly for conferences, meetings, and dinner events. When dressing semi-formal, there are only a few things you should take care of. As it is not a well-mannered event like white or black-tie, it is a relaxing dress code. But don’t forget to follow the do’s and don’ts. However, you are in no position to stress out when you have a semi-formal event. Semi-formal events call for a suit and tie attire. Semi-formal dress code should not be overdress and under dress, be neutral. If you are going to wear a tie, don’t wear a wrist watch. Wear one piece at a time, that way, you can pull off impeccably. Let us give you a guide on quality wrist watches that are available at the Biggest online watch store in UK.

Vault VT111

Vault timepiece is the biggest online watch store to offer quality wrist watches. Out of the collection, one timepiece is your day-saver for a semi-formal event. The Vault VT111 is a leather strap watch perfect for formal attire and is preferred by many professionals. It has a bold black face with a sharp golden design and a classy silver case. A leather strap watch is mostly worn for day time events. Keep in mind, leather straps should not be colorful and noticeable. So, wear a black leather strap which is also well-fitting.

Vault VT108

For another tip to keeping your final look simple yet classy, wear this Vault timepiece VT108 when going on a semi-formal event at night. It has a black rubber band and rose gold body for a sophisticated look. Make sure to wear the watch on your left wrist, that way, it wouldn’t be noticeable when greeting your guests.

Vault VT107

If you are invited on a night event, keep it casual yet formal. You dress code calls for a suit and tie look. Preferably, you need to wear a steel strap watch but again, on your left wrist. Don’t make your watch noticeable. Vault timepiece’s collection has a rose gold stainless steel body and black dial with a silver case which portrays a sophisticated professional-like look.

Times back, it was not in the fashion trend to wear a watch for a formal or semi-formal event. But, we have got the style back in town. The only tip is to make sure how you are dressing and what you need to look after, consider the do’s and don’ts. There is not any hard and fast rule to dressing formally or semi-formally. Visit the Vault timepiece, the biggest online watch store and grab your hands-on quality wristwatches.