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A few occasions have passed, but we have a long way to go for 2017. You were given suggestions and ways to expand your watch collection for New Year. What’s next? Valentine’s day. There are limitless watch diversities by famous watch makers. From leather straps to sports watch, chronograph to a classy simple timepiece face, there is a wide range. Don’t give in and miss out on the best watches available for men. Keeping aside whoever you want to get Valentine’s gift for, there is a sophisticated watch collection for men at Vault timepiece, one of the biggest online store in UK. Put in a little extra effort to get the best gift for him.

These Vault timepieces are recommended for you to look at. Wait, no, not just to have a look on. Have it in your cart too.


Vault timepiece collection has a list of watches you would love to wear. This one is the art of sophistication, bold black face, its sharp golden design is enough to make your man wonder how best you are at picking gifts. It has a sophisticated classy silver case to flaunt and enhance one’s personality.


VT104 is the art of classic style combined with sophisticated design. Its features hold quite a lot of importance. Its retro face and stainless steel body, along with the water resistance feature is to flaunt your man’s power. It signifies the past days. This piece is probably the best piece that comes with elegant design and retro feels.


According to the Vault Collection of men’s watches, this holds the second most favored timepiece position. Its timeless and simple design is too good to be true. This piece signifies the past but is also keeping it cool in the present era. It comes with a sensible black rubber band and black dial to awe any watch wearer. VT102 provides a glance of simplicity and timelessness.


This timepiece comes with a leather strap. Leather strap, yet again, the most preferable watch straps. This timepiece symbolizes a Roman classic design. Leather straps are sure durable, this watch’s strap is in brown color. Its dial is in the color black with a silver case. Vault timepieces has made sure all the watches would be of high quality stainless steel material along with water resistance feature.

Possibilities for you to choose any of these watches are limitless, there is a lot of diversity in the designs. Yet it is not too hard of a decision to pick a gift if you are given this much of quality watches collection. Grab the timepiece that you think will add elegance to his style, there’s no rush. You can look through the biggest online watch stores in UK, such as Vault Timepiece and your search for a sophisticated watch will end there and then.