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Spending too much of your budget on a wristwatch can be a hard decision. Having to pick an elegant and durable watch can be a little tough, because you are offered a limitless style range. Would you agree If I said watches are an extension of your style and personality? Yes, exactly. You are not just paying to have an item on your wrist. But, you are also paying to show what your watch says about you. So, choose wisely. Watches come in limitless styles. It is all about how you will carry it, which one will go best with your outfit. A sophisticated watch is not only in the best quality but it also adds grace. That is why we have picked these 4 amazing Vault Time watches that you need to add in your wristwatch collection right away.

Vault VT102

For the Vault Men’s Watch, we have VT102 in the collection. It has a sophisticated appearance that any watch addict would prefer having. Its simple design brings back the feeling of past yet it shows future foundation. It has a sensible black band made of rubber, black dial and analog display. This timepiece adds significance to your style with its simplicity and timeless feature.

Vault VT104

Another piece to hitch hands on is the Vault Timepiece 104. It is made of water proof stainless steel body. It is a simple yet classic piece for any watch addict who thinks thoroughly when buying a watch. This timepiece will add elegance to your collection. It has a black rubber band and white dial with silver case.

Vault VT108

You will not want to miss out on this Vault Timepiece which is just the best combination of simplicity and This piece is bold black and has design detailing, which are too good to not notice. However, its rose gold body adds a little liveliness to it and the black rubber band gives it an active style. It is also made of high quality stainless steel.

Vault VT120

This Vault Timepiece is for those who prefer sturdy leather strap watches. Preferably, professionals and artists would go for this one. It is in the classic roman design. It is accentuated by gold rim which holds a durable and timeless feature. Its leather strap watch is in the brown color. It is best preferred by professionals and regular watch users. This piece will look and feel as great as it is.

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