Top 5 Bestselling Wrist Watch brands under £500 in 2017

Men with class know that a good looking designer watch is way more than just an addition to the wardrobe. That’s the sole reason why many of us have several different variety of watches to choose from. Different people have different choices for the selection of their timepieces. Specially, if we talk about the sports enthusiasts — they want a watch that is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof, while comparatively, an executive that spends much of his time in an office is most likely to wear a classy watch. In the end, it all depends upon your environment and under which conditions you’re glooming ahead. Taking into consideration, the functionality and budget, here are the top 5 best watches you can find for under £500.

1. Timex:

Timex has been known for a long time for its credibility — its tolerance — its top-notch services but there’s more to Timex than digital watches for athletes. Considering Flyback, the intelligent part of the Quartz line, it has a dual-retrograde quartz movement that has been refined with supreme delicacy. It uses high end core microprocessors to power the main dials and subdials, considering accuracy, that’s something hard to beat. It has got quite an exquisite look with a brown leather strap and a retro black dial and bezel.

2. Braithwait:

This classic luxury designer wrist watch goes away with any watch whether casual or dressy. It’s a combination of diversified melano Italian leather, rugged bezel stainless steel and a Swiss Quartz precision movement. It is easily transformable as it offers different straps for you to customize from. From cloth to stainless steel and different variety of leather finishes. Its water resistance is up to 328 feet.

Photo courtesy : Watch it all about

3. Swatch:

When the word “Swatch” comes in your mind, you probably think of neon plastic. Well, that’s only half the story: recently, Swatch has added both sophistication and class to their timepieces. One good example for this is the Windfall, with its 39mm diameter, watch pushers and sub dials, and the legendary Swiss watch’s reliability and accuracy. Leave retro behind and put this Swatch to work!

4. Vault:

Vault is considerably a new brand when it comes to watches but in quite a few time it has gained increasing popularity in terms of watch designs and quality. The exquisite look of these watches will sway your heart away and if you’re a watch savvy person then I’m sure that we’ll be on the same page. They have the best possible prices for gorgeous men’s watches while not compromising on the service you receive. You can browse through their collection.

5. Boss:

Boss is not a new name when it comes to clothing, brand wear, watches, furniture — you name it and boss have extended their business to almost everywhere that you could think of! If we talk about watches then Hugo Boss gives us a white-faced dress watch crafted in their usual inimitable style. Its style details blend beautifully comprising of silver hands, markers and case bezel pair effortlessly with a croc print leather strap.

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