Top 8 Best Selling Watch Brands in the World

We see branded designer watches mainly in the hands of young college going boys and girls. This isn’t just it, we know that selecting a branded watch is not a joke. When you head out to buy a watch, you have to be really careful about its quality. Here I’ve listed the top 8 best-selling watches in market. If you’re in the watch for quality then I’m sure you’ll like any one of these top quality watches listed below.


Their watches are available in most reasonable prices. For people whom for which watch is a stylish accessory are keen to buy it. They can wear it in their daily life showcasing their personified personality glimpsed upon the reflection of their style. This branded watch is found in many designs.

7. Hamilton:

Maximum people trust on Hamilton timepieces. It is one of the best quality watches and you can use it for daily use too. It will give you best service and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with it. This watch can be found in different ranges and is the most affordable watch in market in 2017.

6. Mont Blanc:

This is the most well-known and reputed brand in the market of watches. This year the watches of this brand made its place in the best seller list. The sole reason for this is that it is found in cheap and reasonable price and thus people who love to wear this watch can buy it. Due to its low price people are considerate on buying numerous watches and they wear it matching with the dress.

5. Omega:

It’s safe to call Omega the ‘Masterpiece’ watch. In fact, it is a masterpiece with relinquish sleek design and exquisite dials which makes it a class apart. It has a special feature which differentiates it from others that this watch can also work in zero gravity. Big Hollywood stars have also been seen wearing this watch. Its mechanical look will surely sway you away.

4. Seiko:

Seiko holds the honor of designing the first quartz watch in the world. This watch with its sleek look can be worn easily and effectively even if you’re a business tycoon. They’re reasonable and easily available in the market. There are different variants of this watch which covers almost watches to be worn in every occasion.

3. Tag Heuer:

Tag Heuer is a reflection of Swiss excellence. This watch looks very stylish when it’s worn in one’s hands. It’s a reflection of your supreme diplomacy over watches. It can be found in different styles and each watch of it has a delicate touch that gives you this kindle-kinda feel.

2. Citizen:

This watch is famous for its invariably easy access in most reasonable price. People who’re looking for a new watch every now and then can look into this as it is a luxury wrist watch within a reasonable bound parameter. It is one of the leading best seller brands in the market

1. IWC Schaffhausen:

Set up in 1868, IWC Schaffhausen has represented considerable authority in premium Swiss watches. This watch maker joins accuracy building with elite outline, and its timepieces are identifiable by their exemplary shape and predominant material.