IPCHAIN Partner and Advisory Board update: Partnering up with the Dennemeyer Group

Today the Dennemeyer Group and IPCHAIN are pleased to announce their partnership, which aims to ensure the optimal use of Blockchain technology for the protection of the interests of authors and inventors.

Founded as a patent law firm in Luxembourg, the Dennemeyer Group became the leading global full-service provider for IP management. It has been a specialist for intellectual property issues with offices around the world for more than five decades and will use its extensive experience to help us further improve our services.

We consider the cooperation with Dennemeyer a great chance to even better understand the needs of our users and to make IPCHAIN a highly valuable tool for the protection of intellectual property. This cooperation further confirms the high interest of leading IP stakeholders in our project, which so far has resulted in the friendly support by organizations such as WIPO, national patent offices and leading universities.

Dr. Richard Brunner, Dennemeyer Group

Additionally to our new partnership we are happy to announce that Dr. Brunner from the Dennemeyer Group has joined IPCHAIN as an advisor. With a doctorate on the legal implications of music distribution on the Internet, a Master of Business Administration in corporate management, and 17 years of experience as outside and in-house legal counsel in intellectual property legal services, Dr. Richard Brunner is in his element at the intersection of innovation, law, and business administration. This combination makes him a requested advisor, not only as Global Head of Legal at Dennemeyer Group but also for technology-driven start-ups.

Dr. Brunner on joining IPCHAIN:

By combining the benefits of a database with decentralized blockchain technology, IPCHAIN is comparable to an incorruptible and unchangeable ledger. This unique solution provides a particularly easy and secure way to unequivocally prove ownership of intellectual property.
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