Payment Services Act (PSA) came into effect in Singapore on 28 January 2020 and it streamlines payment services regulatory framework under a single piece of legislation. MAS has introduced 2 parallel regulatory frameworks. The first framework is a designation regime which enables MAS to designate significant payment systems and regulate operators, settlement institutions and participants of these designated payment systems for financial stability reasons and efficiency reasons. The second framework is the licensing framework for payment service providers.

What are the different activities regulated under the Payments Services Act (PSA)?

The Payment Services Act (PSA) currently regulates the following 7 types of activities:

  1. Account issuance services
  2. Domestic money transfer services
  3. Cross-border money transfer services
  4. Merchant acquisition services
  5. E-money issuance
  6. Digital payment token services
  7. Money-changing service

You can read detailed articles on PSA.

Despite being an exponentially growing business model that depicts a tremendous scope for future, affiliate marketing networks also face their own set of challenges. This fast-paced industry can be quite daunting and create mounting difficulties for new networks. Good news is that these can and should be handled if the network understands what these pitfalls are and work towards resolving them timely.

Here are a few challenges that most networks are facing today. If you want to build a robust Affiliate Network, it’s best to understand these.

The Technology tools that are complicated & expensive

One can’t run away from technology in any industry these days. As in any other industry, technology plays an important role in affiliate marketing business. It is important to invest in an effective tool to track and manage all your campaigns. It is practically impossible to build a big network without the help of a good affiliate marketing software. In fact, how many good affiliates choose to work with your network might depend on the tech tools you use. The tools will also be able to help you analyse and optimize your campaigns in real-time, resulting in improved revenue and bottom-line. …

“Fast Business- Fast Innovations” is what the last year was all about. Many new tech innovations and newly found data privacy policy changes were seen pushing the online marketing industry to evolve. Artificial Intelligence has been and still is one such most-talked- about tech innovation of the last year and is definitely going to affect Affiliate marketing in 2019, of course for the better.

The potential for predictive and suggestive technology in marketing is massive and it is already being demonstrated how AI can interpret and ‘learn’ from data. It enables you, as an online marketer, to gain a clear understanding of customer engagement, user behavior, their purchasing patterns and more. Machine learning powered tools can analyze data really fast and can fetch you fresh insights regarding where to focus your efforts more and can even suggest the kind of content that can fetch you more rewards. …

The web is full of myths and illusions today to leave you confused. Affiliate marketing also is time and again been surrounded by a lot of myths that are related to its concept and web presence. To get the right foothold and presence in the affiliate marketing industry you should know the myths too that go around along with its approach.

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Myths about Affiliate Marketing

We put forth a few popular myths about affiliate marketing that you should definitely be aware of-

Myth No 1

Affiliate marketing is an effortless job

The toughest myth about affiliate marketing today is that it’s a cakewalk. But Even for the highly skilled and exceptionally performing publishers, it’s a competitive process that takes time. A recent survey discloses that only 0.6% of the affiliate marketers have made it big in the world of affiliate marketing. That is not to deter you from choosing affiliate marketing for your business but to make you aware that it does need some hard work upfront to establish and make money from your affiliate marketing campaigns. …

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