Breakfast, Day #4 in Bangkok

Sometimes it is not too easy to find halal food during breakfast (or lunch or dinner) in Bangkok. The options are limited. Most of halal food at hotel are Indian food or kare (curry)

At breakfast this morning at Novotel Siam Square, I told the staff that my halal food option was just scrambled egg, omelet and sunny-side up egg 😫.

The other choice is vegetables and fruit. Yes, I know it’s a healthy food but sometimes I need another taste food, something like fish, beef or chicken dishes. Gai Hor Bai Toey (Thai Pandan-Wrapped Chicken or Chicken Pandan Leaves) for example, it tastes good and delicious.

So I asked the hotel staff, why there is no choice for fish or beef menu, or even any chicken? I take my phone and show the staff with Google translate as the hotel staff did not really understand what I means, thought I already said “fish” and show her the shape of the fish by hand 😜

After seeing Google Translate, she just replied, “OK sir” and smiled apologetically. I thank her and then continued with my breakfast, again, with eggs and steamed rice 😝

When I took a drink, the hotel staff calling me, and for the surprise, she gave me a plate with salmon dishes as on my photo above.

Wow, I am very happy for the surprise. I thank her and her team for their efforts and told her that I really appreciate it. Yayayay…

Thanks Novotel Siam Square Team.