The Scary Halloween

By Jasmine, Age 7

One dark, spooky night it was Halloween and I was trick-or-treating. When I got home, I figured that the bats were haunting people. The bats was [sic] making it Halloween forever!

I was going to solve it. I new [sic] that I was not a monster. I put on a potion and turned into a vampire. I was a little scared. I went back home.

I had a plan. I knew the bats were under a spell and that’s why they were haunting. My plan was to trap the bats and put them in my cellar and make them eat the magic leaves!

I put my trap up. I saw ghosts and they saw that I wasn’t a vampire. They took me to the queen. I had to fight the queen. But for the first time ever, the queen was defeated and she died. They made me the queen.

When I got home, the bats had eaten the leaves, and it was safe.