Solifexo Global Developing Company prepared a step-by-step guideline on how to make sales on VAWOO for those vape sellers or producers (manufacturers) who are going to register or have already joined our international vape platform Vawoo and are waiting for the launch.

VAWOO vape platform by Solifexo: how to create an online vape shop
  • Register your store on the platform.

Attach the needed documents and provide legal company data in order to register on the website. After your data is verified by the risk managers, you successfully create your store.

  • Add products.

The vendor panel allows you to add all your products, provide details to customers through product description, pictures or video, guiding them to make right decisions.

  • Attract customers.

In order to stimulate customers to purchase from your store, you need to attract them first. It is easy to implement due to categories on the platform. As you add a product to your store it is automatically placed in the New Arrivals page, as you run sales your goods will be found in the Sales category, establish free delivery and this criteria will display your products in the Free Delivery page.

  • Start sales.

International customers can easily navigate your store and purchase from it using one single click. You control the sales process, receive up-to-date statistics of your orders, current balance, income, etc.

  • Drop ship your products.

You are able to control the shipping process from the beginning, tract the order and negotiate with the buyer.

  • Enjoy high ratings and reviews.

You can earn a good reputation on Vawoo, if you provide good service and sell qualitative goods only. Customers’ satisfaction is a key to increased sales.

If you haven’t registered your brand on VAWOO yet, do it as soon as possible in order to start international sales for free.

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