Single coil vs dual coil build

Aug 13, 2018 · 2 min read

While routing towards the best vaping experience, one comes to the point of choosing the best coil configuration. Today let’s discuss single vs dual coil builds. is an online vape store in the UK and Europe

In simple words, this is the thing that heats up the e-juice. More coils — more heat you get. There isn’t a right or a wrong one in general, it all depends on your vaping habits as well as preferences.

A single coil build is for someone who:

1. Wants to make some savings
In the process of usage, the battery might have a 15 to 30% greater lifespan as the device is used at a lower wattage. Same goes for e-juice. Due to the fact that only one heating element affects the liquid, its consumption can get lesser in the long run.

2. Is a beginner
Such devices are much easier to rebuild after cleaning. The design is not that sophisticated and with a ready bought kit, changing the coil should not be much of a fuss.

3. Wants to stealth vape
Though this is not the only element to have an impact on stealth vaping, it should give the needed effect. Usually, the vapour produced by these kinds of devices is less dense.

A dual coil build is for those who:

1. Are chasing clouds
As the opposite of the said above — with more coils the device warms up faster resulting in an extra thick vapour. Big clouds are a priority for cloud chasers.

2. Transitioning from smoking
This configuration helps in getting a stronger throat hit due to delivering high temperature faster. Usually, smokers are looking for such an effect to help them stay on track.

The thing to remember in case you choose the dual option is that both coils need to be of the same size and metals for a proper functioning of your e-cig.

How many coils does your build have?


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