Verdell’s Projects and How You Can Help


A number of people to be more open about my needs. If you can help in away way with these tasks, it would be much appreciated.

  1. Finishing my PhD at Howard University

I have about two years left in my program. However, I have a back bill and need some help gathering a down payment for a tuition repayment plan. I created a GoFundMe Account so you can contribute here. All of the funds will be used toward Howard. I’ll post updates as things progress. [Update: I have about half of it paid! A little over $1,500 left to go. Still need help with this.]

2. Preaching

If you or someone you know needs a preacher for their event, please consider me. I preach a progressive, inclusive, and accessible message. My preaching work was recognized by the faculty of The Howard University School of Divinity, who awarded me the the Henry Maynard Preaching and Debate Prize in 2012. In addition, here is a brief testimony about my preaching abilities:

“Verdell encouraged my predominantly white congregation to rethink and to expand our understanding of what it means to protest injustice. I valued Verdell’s collaborative spirit in working with me to gain a sense of my congregation and where we were headed with our sermon series. Verdell’s exegesis and scholarship were excellent. Without hesitation, I endorse Verdell Wright as a preacher.” — Rev. Dr. May Kay Totty, Pastor, Dumbarton United Methodist Church

Also, consider me for panel discussions, keynotes, and other events. My topics of expertise include: Black Church History/Theology, LGBTQ inclusion, race issues in church, evangelical history/theology/culture, and millennials in church. I love engaging with willing audiences, interviews, and Q & As.

You can email me at vawright at gmail dot com for more information.

3. Consulting

I help churches, denominations, and other organizations reach their goals. This usually involves the creation and implementation of communication strategies, congregational assessments, and writing. The organizations I’ve worked with include: The United Methodist Church, Disciples of Christ, Many Voices, and The LGBTQ Task Force.

I’ve also developed trainings for groups who need exposure to new religious ideas and concepts. Here’s a list of some of the topics that I’ve presented:

  • Sacred Clapback

Co-facilitated a session on how to utilize the internet and social media to counter harmful religious messages.

  • A New Thing: Approaching Religion Differently with Black MSM

Presented research and lectured on the link between religious practices and harm in Black men who have sex with men, offering context and solutions.

  • Howard University Research Day

Conducted and presented research entitled, “It’s In The Text, Pastor! A Look at Historically Black Denomination’s Policies Toward LGBT People.”

  • Black Gay Men Research Group Conference

Conducted and presented research on the topic, “Black Theology and Black Gay Men.

  • United Church of Christ, Washington, DC

Conducted and presented research on the topic, “The Need for More African American Inclusive Christian Worship Spaces.”

More trainings can be developed around my topics of expertise. Email me at vawright at gmail dot com to find out more.

4. Misc

If you just feel like being nice, a grad student always needs more books. Feel free to peruse my Amazon Wish List (used copies and Kindle versions are just fine). I tend to dump things there that I want in the future, but it’s easy to tell what books are “serious” and for my research. Also, if you just want to send some coins my way, you can send them via PayPal (vawright AT gmail). Feel free to share any of the information you find here with your networks if you think it would be helpful.

I’ll update this article as time goes on and circumstances (hopefully) progress. Thanks for reading this far.