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Apr 12 · 3 min read

Feedback has always been a crucial part of sports. Without feedback, the athlete doesn’t know if she/he performed well. Fitness apps have been on the rise in the last couple of years. For the sole reason that people want to be flexible and choose when and where to workout. Traditional fitness apps just tell the users which exercise to do and leave the rest up to them. VAY Sports is introducing real-time feedback to prevent wrong performance and to keep the athlete motivated.

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The Revolution

Artificial intelligence has been all over the news and has affected many parts of our lives already. Every time we book a flight we get different prices depending on when, where and even on which device we purchase. Stocks are being traded back and forth in a matter of seconds. It has been a long time that these fields have been influenced by an artificially intelligent entity. With sports, we haven’t seen a big involvement of technology - in particular AI. We from VAY Sports believe that AI is on the brink of also capturing sports to enhance the experience and to create new ways of doing sports.

We’re utilizing computer vision, a subcategory of Artificial Intelligence, to understand the humans’ body movements. By computing the data quickly and understanding the movements our app can provide real-time feedback to the athlete working out. Through the fast information flow between the app and the real world, we are able to detect mistakes and give corresponding feedback to prevent wrong execution. The built-in fitness coach even sees when the athlete needs a motivation boost.


Our app instantly creates a computer model of the human body. In the past, this has been used in film studios with suits and 3D cameras. We are removing the barrier of the expensive gear and give you the same functionality but in an app on your phone. The computer model is created by analyzing crucial body parts. By comparing the angles to preset parameters the app then knows if the exercises have been executed correctly and then gives corresponding feedback.

We will not replace the human fitness coach. Rather we’ll leverage the reach of fitness coaches through our platform. Our computer vision algorithms will be the extension of the coaches eyes’ and understanding so they can bring their hard and soft skills to athletes around the world.

Our technology isn’t limited to body-weight fitness exercises. It could be applied to all sorts of sports. Training with Weights, Yoga, Crossfit, or further down the road even Tennis or Football, everything is possible to be analyzed by an AI entity that sees things humans just can’t. Making coaching the athlete easier and bring the athletes to new physical performances where they break new boundaries.


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VAY is creating a Real-Time AI Fitness Coach application for your phone.