Israel and Jordan Tour at a Glance

If you are wondering about where you could wander off in the potentially fabulous 2017, look no further! We have a platter of exotic locations selected keeping in mind, the only one thing; to take you around the world. One amazing country at a time!

The first trip we would like to introduce is our Israel-Jordan tour taking off in April, 2017.

Israel, the biblical holy country finds itself placed on the southern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. The country is gifted with not just natural wonders but also a long and significant religious history, which gives us the opportunity to witness its scenic mountains as well as the millennia old monuments and their stories.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre- Jerusalem

Home to jaw-dropping monuments, temples and tombs, Jordan our second destination is a favourite amongst the nature lovers and history buffs. Both these nations are neighbours and visiting just one won’t be enough.

Let us take you through a few of the destinations from our specially crafted itineraries and see if we can entice your wanderlust!

Dead Sea

Flanked by Jordanian and Israeli borders, Dead Sea is believed to be as old as 300 million years! It is one of the most unique wonders of the planet possessing the most revitalizing properties in its air and water. Surrounded by beaches and spa resorts, the Dead Sea is a beautiful sight to behold.

Dead Sea — Israel and Jordan

The most fascinating bit about this saltwater lake (yes, it’s actually a lake!) is that it is the most hyper saline lake in the world. This means that you could never drown or dive here. You will end up bobbing on the surface of the Dead Sea or you can even jump on it!


Known as the ‘Rose City’ of Jordan, this city is a treasure chest for archaeology and history enthusiasts. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Petra Archaeological Park boasts of huge mausoleums and giant red mountains!

The treasury — Petra, Jordan

Al Khazneh or The Treasury at Petra is a massive facade that dwarfs even the tallest of the mountains. The Siq, a passage through the red mountains, and the Roman- style theatre are proofs of the massive historical influence Petra has had over centuries by its various invaders and settlers.


Kibbutz, a Hebrew word, literally means ‘gathering’. This is exactly what happens in Israel. A wonderful group of people form a collective community and live together. They become self-sufficient through means of agriculture and other small-scale businesses.

Kibbutz neighbourhood — Israel

You might wonder what a local community has to do with sight-seeing but ‘Kibbutzim’ are one of a kind. They live in the most scenic places in Israel and their way of living is just unique as their community.

We would like to take you through their beautiful farms and show you the real people of Israel.

Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City is an enclosed area within the modern city of Jerusalem. It houses some of history’s and religion’s most significant and precious locations. A holy city, the birthplace of 4 different religions, Old City of Jerusalem has a Muslim, Armenian, Christian and Jewish Quarter.

The Dome of Rock — Old City of Jerusalem, Israel

Full of emotions and awe, this city will engulf you in its religious history. From the Western Wall where the first Jewish temple was located to the Dome of Rock where Prophet Mohammad is said to have departed for Heaven; we will walk where Jesus is said to have carried his Cross and see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book.

It will be a very unique and fulfilling experience we assure you!


Nazareth, said to be the childhood home of Jesus Christ, is a city full of biblical monuments and shrines. A place of worship for pilgrims, the city is soaked in spirituality while basking in its modern day glory as well. The influx of cultures with amazing delicious cuisines to taste makes Nazareth an ideal spot for tourists.

Visit the secret passageways, Gothic vaulted halls of the Crusader City and join us on a relaxing boat ride at Akko Harbour.

Via Dolorosa

We at Vayudoot Holidays, hope we have managed to invigorate your enthusiasm and curiosity to visit Israel and Jordan with us from just a few of the locations from our itinerary.

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We wish you happy and safe travels in 2017 and beyond.