Fashion & sportswear industry: the coming disruption is technological

In recent days I talked with some good friends who work in the sportswear industry about the disruption they are witnessing in their sector, where the hand of artificial intelligence can be seen to approach the consumer in a personalized way. Thus, IoT, biometric mass data and even blockchain are ready to appear on the scene and change the way we consume and evaluate the usefulness of sportswear.

Training accessories to gather information on the performance of soccer players

In this post I will touch mainly two areas of that industry: sportswear and supply chain in clothing industry. First, in 2019 we see that the technological infrastructure and the market are ready for wearables, which measure information of athletes and consumers in real time, whose costs are already economically viable for the mass market. The rails provided by 5G networks will allow large amounts of biometric information generated by consumers to be transferred appropriately. Blockchain will securely safeguard the information and allow the user to manage their data and their privacy.

A (hypothetical?) use case: sportsmen, sportwomen and hunters of talents in different disciplines using wearables, biometrics data managed in Blockchain and IA applications identifyng patterns to access high performance training or hiring for their professionalization. Currently the big proffesional sports clubs already use devices to measure and optimize the performance of athletes, why not to massify it?

Consumption is currently influenced by marketing campaigns supported by social networks, influencers, sponsorships to elite players, actors, among others. Would it be important to know the conditions of its manufacture? As consumers we have a guarantee that an item is made with environmentally friendly or recyclable materials (as recently announced adidas), that it is 100% child labor free, and that it has decent working conditions in their factories. It has a reliable and transparent traceability.

Currently, we only trust the word of the big brands, but what happens when Blockchain enters the scene? With Blockchain we can count on a guarantee on the production process. Just a few days ago, Levi Strauss & Co. announced a collaboration with ConsenSys for a pilot test in its factories in Mexico, to have reliable, transparent and inmutable information on surveys of the health conditions of workers.

It still seems a bit distant for the average consumer to change its behaviour because of blockchain. But these are the first steps to integrate disruptive technology in the retail sportswear & fashion sector.

Resultado de imagen para blockchain clothe supply chain
Blockchain can provide solutions in complex supply chains and, for example, identify ullage points

Finally, we see that step by step blockchain solutions are permeating. Data from different surveys to managers, such as Deloitte, mentions that “74% of companies are making a use case in Blockchain”. This is a strong call to decision makers to understand the paradigm shift in business networks.

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