One fine day you are walking in a park with your little kid playing around and suddenly you notice a physical appearance of a machine, an automaton gardening the park without any human intervention.

Aren’t you startled with the visuals you are witnessing?

Well, years ago this would definitely qualify…

Companies are re-writing their Go-to-market strategies heading towards the new economic era!

The COVID-19 has opened up for conducting the business in a new unimaginable ways. This pandemic has even forced the higher management to lowest strata labors to engulf into new ways of delivering the objectives to their customers and suppliers.

The demand and supply analogy is off the balance, unemployment…

Yes, says the global leaders…a silver lining in this global struggle.

The present global pandemic has wreaked havoc on all spheres of mankind and at the same time giving an opportunity to the global business leaders to implement new digital strategies to drive digital transformation to all levels of the organization. The outbreak has certainly stimulated the Industry 4.0 (also called…

Micro-level approach for a macro problem!

Poverty as stated in my earlier article- The World Bank says the Present Pandemic will push 60 million into “Extreme Poverty” is not only a global phenomenon but also affects the future in more drastically unimaginable ways.

You might be thinking what might be the relation or the connection between…


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