Oh Guatemala

Oh hey you pretty lil volcan!

Coming into this ANS Ministries Guatemala Hope Tour I had my mind open to whatever would lie in front of me. Guatemala (in my eyes) was the land full of coffee, Mayan Temples, & Volcanoes. Which, btw, definitely did not disappoint. That being said this was 2nd missions trip this year (& ever to be honest) & I knew I had a lot to learn. My hope was to touch, bless, & inspire the people of San Luis. I had no idea that I was the one would receive those things & more! I also had no idea I would tested, prodded, pulled, & pushed to the extreme. But let’s just start with the obvious initial issue…no bags for 6 days. Good times right?! Crazy to think I was not the only person with out their bag. Thiago also had a bag missing for 3 days. Standing near us probably wasn’t the smart thing (KKKK as the Brazilians say). What was even crazier was I got my bags at the Flores Airport right before we headed BACK to Guatemala City. Nothing like timing right? The first few days of NO LUGGAGE was a true test of patience, vanity, & sanity. Then it became a running joke…people would ask for something like bug spray or ointment and I was like “I got that in my bag errr…”. Haha. On the brightside we were able to get the presents to the Orphans :).

Talk about HAPPINESS when I saw these bad boys

I am one not to lay blame but rather instead want to thank my mother & the American Airline Social Media Team for helping track down my bags. My mom was a lion and I could not have gotten my luggage back with out her. Also kudos to the AA team. Thanks for immediate responses.

God definitely has a plan for everything. This little trial was meant to bring attention to my lack of patience to anything when it comes to me. I am beyond patient in all other areas of my life, but me…NOPE. I came “completely prepared” (& more) but when no luggage came it showed that you can prepare for everything but that doesn’t mean you have the tools to face the challenge in front of you. I mean I learned how to wash my own clothes (Yep, I never have done that before haha) thanks to my amazing Brazilian roomie!

My fab roomie

PS More blogs to come :)

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