Queer Spaces Are Magic, but We Need Your Support.

Virginia Bauman
Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read
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We just reached Cuties’ first birthday. I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the things we’ve accomplished. For the past 3 years, Iris, myself, Leslie and many other people have given everything to the mission of creating what we felt was missing in our community. We want people within our community to have a few more jobs, a little bit more space to relax, and to facilitate regular day time events that get people out of their house to see community in person.

It seems to have resonated! During our large events people come from the Inland Empire, San Diego, Long Beach, Ventura, San Francisco and we’ve had visitors from all over the country eager to come see what folx like us are building in Los Angeles. We have thousands of folx that follow us for event recommendations every week. We reach capacity in our space at every QCD. Our community tab is used every single day.

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Thank you to everyone who has shown up, come out, and shared your love of Cuties with others. Many of you have told us how much the space means to you and how much of a difference it has made for your experience living in Los Angeles and participating in the vibrant multi-faceted queer community that inhabits it. Every single good word means the world to us.

This one year mark also comes with a lot of reflection. We knew that this experiment had to be self-sustaining. So far, it isn’t. Despite reducing unprofitable hours, reducing labor, and reducing waste our daily sales just don’t cover the expenses of this shop. We’ve been subsidizing its existence from day one and we are reaching the end of our ability to do so.

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Every single day that Cuties is open is a relative miracle. We are proud of our impact on the community. We are giving every ounce of energy, love and skill that we have to make this project work and it has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences of our lives. It’s an understatement that this message is incredibly hard to write and share, but asking for help one more time seems like the right thing to do.

Unless we are able to reach our Patreon goals in August, we will likely have to close our doors.

If you want this space for yourself: donate, share.

If you want this space for others: donate, share.

If you want us to continue promoting fundraisers for trans gender affirming surgeries weekly: donate, share.

If you want to continue getting our weekly recommendations of events: donate, share.

If you want to continue congregating on Sundays and eating donuts with friends: donate, share.

If you want us to have the means to help others build more space in our community: donate, share.

If you want to help us keep doing this work, donate, share.

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We have appreciated this journey. We have loved serving you.



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