Picturesque Influencers

The title of the article is “Inside Canon’s influencer marketing program by Ilyse Liffreing. I found this article interesting because you would’ve never expected Canon, which I feel is a relatively low-key company in regards to marketing and advertising. Meaning that I haven’t seen an advertisement for Canon in a while!

For 23 years, Canon has managed a program of professional photographers called Explorers of Light. These 42 professionals represents the company at events. But now, with the Instagram era, Canon is working with 40 amateur photographer influencers as well.

“We want to bridge the gap between the professional and the everyday person, and reach out to younger generations,” said Doris Tsai, senior director of marketing for Canon. “People want to feel that photos are attainable for them.”

“person holding Android smartphone” by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Canon has chosen both influencers that cater to audiences in segments that produce high-quality imagery, such as travel, food, health and lifestyle! I feel that Canon having influencers that could explain the perks of Canon cameras through Youtube and Instagram is also a tough call because a lot of the people who follow these influencers do not have enough money to buy an expensive Canon. I could only see the influencers help drive profit, by influencers telling other influencers about Canon, because influencers do have the money to buy an expensive, high quality camera!

For Canon, influencers aren’t just a means to connect with larger audiences; they are their target audience. The rise of smartphones has brought about the rise of amateur photography, giving everyone the means to take photos whenever they want. That might be a boon to the general public, but for Canon, the company needs to know whether this group is sticking to their phones or bringing in their own products. By using influencers, Canon teaches the generations about the advanced features of benefits of cameras that can improve the quality of their own content.

“black Canon DSLR camera” by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

Canon using influencers is a little behind in utilizing influencers for a marketing strategy and I am surprised that they didn’t think about it earlier. I feel like Canon might have been stuck in market myopia, and was just so focused on selling cameras or creating cameras that they were so late to the effective ways of getting their brand out there!

I feel like it will have a positive effect on the brands category especially when vlog influencers start to advertise Canon. I feel like when influencers start to advertise products or services, a lot of the time I find myself not listening to that they are saying. I find that if influencers post about companies or record videos that mention companies, I tend to just scroll past it.

“trowed black Canon DSLR camera” by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

It is kind of scary because influencers are flooding social media platforms and its hard because influencers also have to keep up with this life of using specific products and always showing off their clothes or the products they use. I feel that Canon was a little late in incorporating influencers so I don’t think the topic of the article could benefit other companies besides older camera companies that are slow to realize what the target market is attracted to.