Happiness Through Inclusion

सलिल कण हूँ, या पारावार हूँ मैं

स्वयं छाया, स्वयं आधार हूँ मैं

बँधा हूँ, स्वपन हूँ, लघु वृत हूँ मैं

नहीं तो व्योम का विस्तार हूँ मैं

-रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

Contemplative architecture, similarly to meditation, is experiential. It’s a process that a viewer/listener goes through which is unique and consciousness-altering. It’s important to recognize that our moods — when we feel ashamed, anxious, afraid, lethargic, motivated, inspired, or peaceful — are influenced by our built environment.

With this thought, an art installation was created using multi colored hula hoop rings & recycled fabric ropes at Jaipur Art Summit 2017, Jaipur. These fabric ropes were woven around the hula hoop rings by college students and craftsmen in the workshops conducted by our studio, touching us with their extreme devotion and earnest efforts. The decorated rings were then connected through threads and hanged midair to shape the installation.

The design of the space created, was based on a premise, a belief that architecture has the capacity to transform life. The way in which the design’s aspirations were conceived and constructed was aligned with the pursuit of this conviction.

Such space designs aim to capture human emotions and make the viewer aware of his emotions and thus himself. In that ambiance, the viewer needs to open the senses to the environment embracing him. He needs to plunge into the accidental pleasures of sunlight and silence, the pleasure in the simplicity of shapes and colors and the modesty of the materials. He is invited to meditate on the meaning of the abstract shadows.

He then, experiences a deep connection between his emotions and the emotions of the creator, and feels undivided. A rhythm of happiness flows over and inside his body and he feels inclusive. An attempt to pursuit this contentment and joy is called happiness through inclusion.