Dialogue with Space…

Hey guys!!

Do you think that a space can talk?

Can we dialogue with the space?

Well, yes we can!

Like humans, the buildings also expect from us. They expect us to understand what they want to say, or how they feel when sun drops it’s excessively hot sunlight on it, when extreme rains ruin its look from outside, when everything gets dried up in the autumn and winter months or any similar thing a building goes through. But have we ever given it a thought? Very few of us would have.

Just imagine, if an architect would have designed a building without even trying to know and understand what it desires, which climate would suit it, what kind of culture is followed around it and what kind of people live there, then do you think he would have designed it the right way? I guess we all know the answer.

Dialogue encourages and empowers us to create something innovative. Many of us would have felt that standing in front of an old eminent building makes us travel through time and takes us to the period of its inception connecting ourselves with the actual thought behind its design. This is how a building communicates.

That is why we believe that in order to create a building or a space that speaks about itself, it is essential to live close to it, and start a dialogue, so deep, that it provokes the space to response and express itself to us. And, this connection between man and space plays a prominent role in creating something that stands out, and who knows when it could turn into a wonder.

to be continued…