Over the past year, I’ve gradually moved from consulting to working full-time with an NGO. I wanted to share some personal reflections, distinctions I’ve noted between the experience of working at a consulting firm and an NGO. I’ve avoided the more obvious distinctions like pay scales and functional work, and…

Driving through the vast expanses of Nimar in the middle of March, two visuals are inescapable. First, this region in southern Madhya Pradesh is barren, with almost no agriculture at this time of year. Second, villages are emptying out as families board trucks in search of labour. …

Songs of solidarity and service marked the end of a two-day strategy workshop, as the Sun set in Indore last Sunday.

“बुरी है आग पेट की, बुरे हैं दिल के दाग़ ये,
न दब सकेंगे, एक दिन बनेंगे इन्क़लाब ये,
गिरेंगे जुल्म के महल, बनेंगे फिर नवीन घर!
अगर कहीं…

Last month I found myself in the small town of Dewas, 1 hour from Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. I had the privilege to be a fly on the wall for a 42-person meeting in the room in this picture.

This group of people — across three lines of leadership —…

Varun Behani

Nonprofit adviser, seeking to learn from and support those who serve excluded communities, and struggle for equity and justice.

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