Ruby on Rails: Thoughts

Oh man…….Oh Boy….would you look at that?! I feel as though it was such a mountain to climb and finally reaching the tip of the mountain do I find the glorious program called Rails. When my professor starting showing us how Rails just makes almost all the code for us. ALL OF IT!! Like how do you even explain it. My eyes could not even believe what it was seeing. All I had to do is create the name of the database, migrate and scaffold the table and Rails did all the rest. I couldn’t be more happier to know that I don’t have to write ALL of that god forsaken code.

Files among files that had been created and I didn’t even know that there could be so many files, but that is what my naive mind thought. Having to know that so many had been created in what some of my classmates and my professor likes to call autoMAGICALLY. I do believe that word when it comes to Rails. It magically does almost all the work for me and I don’t have to worry about much of the classwork. Though there is the challenge of trying to figure out where everything goes and to make sure that if I do edit anything that I should create a new file and override the original one that way should anything gets updates, the file is still there to be used. All I can say is that I am going to enjoy using Ruby on Rails.