The Iron Yard

Trying to tell random people about my experiences about anything is difficult to say the least. I’m great with telling stories about other people or creatures but never have I been able to tell the story about myself. Let alone a brief one about my time at this school. But I will try to get most of it across in the a way that I hope doesn’t bore people.

When I first learned about The Iron Yard, it was about a year ago. I had contemplated it and didn’t really take the school into full consideration after taking a look at the costs for coming to this school. Back then I didn’t think that it would be a good fit and as much as I wanted to learn how to code it was just too much for me. Working and going to a traditional school was more or less what I was used to and I just couldn’t think of being able to do more with my life. I switched my job and my degree to many times. Just being unsatisfied with everything going on with my life. Keep in mind that I’m currently only 24. I could be traveling and doing so many things but I guess this is how my life ended up and it just made life seem bleak.

It wasn’t until about this year when I finally made the choice and start my schooling here at this school. I had some basic knowledge when it came to computer coding but I wasn’t the greatest. My motivation to learn more without having to go to a big school and be able to speak with the teacher without having 300+ other student’s doing the exact same thing about what problem they are having was what ultimately brought me The Iron Yard. I enjoyed the fact that the school was small and that the classes where even smaller. I felt like I could move forward in my life in a most positive life.

Cohort 7 Tampa Bay Area The Iron Yard

The first week of class was this big group of people. I think that we all felt nervous, but slowly through out the week we started to know each other. Soon we became a small family and we were able to rely on each other if we needed help with anything.

During the first week, we had learned about HTML and CSS. It was a bumpy start with understanding the concepts and how to use certain programs in order to be able to start some of the class work, but after that I was able to grasp the vocabulary and how the placement worked on most of the projects that was given to us. After the first week we had all separated into our separate groups and that where all the fun and frustration with Ruby started. Trying to make thing work and move them into a fully functioning program made me want to pull my hair out most of the time but at the same time it kept me engaged in wanting to learn more. That was my crux, finding interest in something new but then slowly lose interest in it. Learning Ruby kept me on my toes and I was glad that I still have not lost interest.

My favorite part so far has been my 3rd week of class. I got to learn how to use SQL. Which if you are reading this and you don’t know what SQL means, it is Structured Query Language. SQL (pronounced sequel) is a language that is separate from what I am currently learn as well as Python, C++, Java and any other programming language you can think of. It is a common element in any computer ecosystem which uses a relational database. Most learning how to use SQL was minimal but I found it to be kinda fun, exciting and slightly confusing all at the same time. It was all a bunch of word play and making sure that when we typed in a specific command it came out to how the homework was expecting. Through out the SQL we were learning about databases and how to properly use them in their own manner. After SQL was the god send of Bootstrap. I feel as all the computer gods went POOF! you get a program that makes your life WAAAAAYYYYYY better. I honestly felt like throwing my laptop out a window and just have a hissy fit for all the work that I tried but when Bootstrap was introduced I can’t image a better way to make my work go more smoothly. During the last part of the week we began to implement databases, SQL and Bootstrap all together and created what I feel as one of my better works even though I am still learning. It was was big step from what we were learning to what we will be doing for the last of the 9 weeks that we have left with this school

I’m sure that at some point my skill with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, HTML and CSS will get better. But now it’s just a starting point in my life and I hope that I can achieve more in my life. I want to better at the things that I do, but I have to continue with my studies and keep practicing and continue to have trials and error throughout the rest of my life in order to one day be just as good as those who are professionals in this field of work.

Well, thank you for reading my first blog about how I came into coding and maybe, just maybe I will make more blogs. I really feel horrible at writing these things. If you ever are interested in learning how to code, please check out the school that I am going to: You’ll learn so much and will come out with more knowledge about how to code than before.

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